Top 10 ways to become a model

The reality is a bit different. Successful models are among the hardest working girls on the planet. Don’t believe us? You try pretending it’s a scorching summers day in the middle of November … We ask Rebecca Tanner-Rolf, executive editor of Model Advice for her top ten tips on becoming a great model and staying the course.

1. Love being in front of the camera and an audience.

The camera is your friend: you need to be at ease and own the space you stand in.

2. Know the type of modelling you’re suited to.

The key to success is finding what area suits you. There are 22 types of modelling, including fashion, commercial, character and glamour. If you’re built to model swimwear, for example, then model swimwear – though that doesn’t mean you can’t try other areas.

3. Be able to perform on demand.

No model is a one face wonder. Casting directors want to see a range of emotions and characters.

4. Be determined and hard-working.

A modelling career isn’t just going to fall into your lap.

5. Have a great attitude!

Be professional, patient and pleasant to work with. Shoots can last hours, even weeks. No one likes a diva.

6. Be versatile and able to take directions.

‘Can’t’ is not a word in modelling. If you are asked to show vulnerability, then rage, you need to be able to swap convincingly without a thought. This is where practice makes perfect.

7. Be able to take rejection and constructive criticism.

Modelling is highly competitive. You won’t be right for every job. The trick is to pick yourself up and take rejection as something to build upon, rather than knock you down.

8. Be able to attend lots of castings, sometimes without much notice.

Jobs can be a bit like buses. Sometimes, you need to run like mad to catch the last one home.

9. Have great organisational skills to keep track of schedules and finances.

Often as not, especially within freelance modelling, you’ll have to keep an eye on your own schedule, pay and expenses. An organised brain and diary is a must.

10. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat the right food and look after your body and skin.

Treat your body as your most important asset. As a model, your appearance is your job.